Education – All Michigan children deserve the opportunity to develop a skill that can sustain them in the 21st century economy. We need to improve access to quality early-childhood and pre-K education, and make post-secondary training affordable.

Raising Wages – Michiganders who work full time should be able to support themselves. We must increase the minimum wage to $12/hr., reinstate the earned-income tax credit, support the Healthy Michigan Plan, and strengthen collective bargaining rights. We must also increase revenue dedicated to building a world class infrastructure.


Educating our children so that they have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential is our most basic responsibility, but Michigan has fallen far behind other states in public education outcomes.

Michigan needs a universal pre-K program so that all children are prepared to succeed no matter what community they live in. We need to reinvest in our public schools and make teaching an attractive career again in order to attract and retain great teachers. Finally we need to have multiple paths for post-secondary education including training in skilled trades, apprenticeships, and colleges that are affordable to every family.


My vision is that any Michigander who works full time should be able to support themselves.

Higher wages are directly correlated to higher educational attainment. In order to compete in the 21st century economy we need a trained and talented workforce. Therefore, all Michigan workers need to have access to affordable post-secondary education whether it be training in the skilled trades, or obtaining a college degree. In addition, we must increase the minimum wage to $12/hr., reinstate the earned-income tax credit, support the Healthy Michigan Plan, and strengthen collective bargaining rights.


My vision is a Michigan where everyone’s vote counts equally.

We simply must eliminate gerrymandering, the self-serving practice of career politicians drawing favorable legislative districts for their own advantage. Redistricting must be taken out of the hands of the legislators and given to a non-partisan citizen panel. Until this is accomplished, Michigan will never have fair elections, and the citizens of Michigan will never have accountable representation.

We also need to repeal the legislation passed in 2017 (SB 335) which allows Michigan politicians to raise unlimited amounts of dark-money for Super PACs that support their campaigns.


We can have both a healthy economy and a healthy environment. We don’t have to choose between one or the other.

I will fight for passage of legislation that holds polluters responsible for the cleanup of waters they have impacted, and to provide safe drinking water to those whose water has been contaminated.

I support the transition of Michigan to renewable energy which will bring high-wage jobs to northern and rural Michigan.

I will introduce legislation to repeal SB 652, which effectively puts protection of the environment into the hands of industry executives.

I will demand stringent inspections for Enbridge line 5 and demand it be removed as soon as possible.

I will also protect our public lands and water from being sold so that current and future generations will continue to have access to hunt, fish, camp, and play on unspoiled public lands.